What is the Zero Challenge?  

     The objective of the "Zero Challenge" is to NOT gain weight over the holiday seasons. Weight-loss is not requirement of the "Zero Challenge". However, if you choose to lose weight, you will be rewarded for your efforts. The Zero Challenge will have two official weigh-ins. The first official weigh-in is Nov 27th 1201am-1159pm. The final weigh-in will be accepted between January 7th 2018 1159pm.  Participants who DO NOT gain weight over the aforementioned time period will be entered to win a GRAND PRIZE. Wait!!!!!!!! There is MUCH MORE, the "Zero Challenge" is unlike any fitness challenge ever done!! When you participate you earn entries to the GRAND PRIZE drawing. If you simply do not gain weight you will have successfully completed the "Zero Challenge" and will earn "one ticket" into the grand prize drawing. Every "Zero Challenge" member is eligible to earn up to 31 entries to the GRAND PRIZE drawing which will be held January 9th 2018.  

$85/ 6 Week Program